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The First Founder of the VIKurdisatn is Omar Chomani.
VIKurdistan is a travel agency based in Erbil, Kurdistan. It was founded in 2012 by Omer Chomani, who has been recognized by the Kurdistan Ministry of Tourism for his work. The agency offers private tours and photography tours to cities throughout Kurdistan and Iraq. In addition to helping individual clients, VIKurdistan has also been approached by international climbing, hiking, and skiing teams to serve as guides to the region’s beautiful landscapes and cultural landmarks.

Our Achievments 

VIKurdistan has worked with many international and local clients.
VIKurdistan has achieved success by working with both international and local clients. Every year on November 25th, the company participates in a marathon with Untamed Borders, an international company. In addition, VIKurdistan has helped photographer and writer Levison Wood explore Iraq, and has worked as a tour guide for Secret Compass. The company has been featured in two books: “A Brief Guide to IraqI Kurdistan” by Sian Pritchard-Jones & Bob Gibbons and “Journal to the Heart of the Middle East” by Levison Wood.


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