halgurd mountain


It is the highest mountain in Iraq with an altitude of 3.607m. It is situated 170km north-east of Erbil. Halgurd Mountain is fully covered in snow till April and you can still find piles of snow throughout the summer

Halgurd in Summer

The beautiful skies, beautiful green landscape surrounding the mountain, and the opportunity to visit various fascinating lakes make this time of year a wonderful one for tourism in Halgurd. Additionally, you can experience excellent hospitality by seeing a group of travelers beneath the mountain as you climb and return.

It is the start of summer and mostly remains like that, because in winter too much snow falls and cool weather. Therefore you see piles of snow and green scenes around them.

Around the mountain you can see various piles of snow. This is one of the piles in the portrait of fish and also you will see many fountains around them.

It is one of the lakes around the mountain. Its name Chldar Lake and you see green sight around it which you feel you are in spring.A group of people from different parts of the world at the peak of Halgurd. Usually at this time of year, which is autumn, most people, especially mountaineers, come to the mountain.