is it possible to visit Zagros Mountain Trail ?

Zagros Mountain

Zagros Mountain Trail (ZMT) is a new trail in Iraqi Kurdistan. It winds through the Zagros Mountains covering over 220 kilometers of breathtakingly beautiful scenery in Kurdistan

There are 13 unique home stay accommodations strategically placed along the trail, each providing a personal family oriented experience with local cuisine personally prepared by your hosts. The breakfasts are most notable for their delicious local offerings. The sleeping arrangements offer simple communal sleeping for your hiking group. A guide is mandatory and there is a broad selection of 7 local guides that will ensure your hiking experience is safe and memorable.

Beyond the beauty of the ZMT with its towering mountains, challenging passes, breathtaking vistas, beautiful valleys & many quaint villages, the historical significance of many sites along the trail is both educational and a strong reminder of the depth and breath of human civilisation in Kurdistan, IraqThe attack is believed to have included the nerve agents Tabun, Sarin and VX, as well as mustard gas. However, according to former senior CIA analyst Stephen C. Pelletiere, Iraq did not have the nerve agent used in the attack but did have mustard gas which was used in the Iran–Iraq War. An interdisciplinary scientific study from 2019, after more than three decades, shows that the chemical attacks on Halabja have long-term biological, psychological and social effects on the survivors.