private trips


Private trips should not be less than 3 people, and if the number is more than 7 people, there is a discount. The distance between Erbil and Joman is two and a half hours. The trip is two days and one night.If the weather does not help or if you cannot take a walk, it is not our responsibility.- Reservation is made by prior appointment.The cost per person is $150. If the number ranges from 7 to 10 people, there is a discount of $15 ,If the number is less than 3 people, the cost per person will be additional. -We have a mountain house, you can stay in House Mountain, and on the second day, we can secure transportation to and from Erbil, but the transportation cost varies with the trip. Go hiking The cost of the mountain house is not included in the tour.

Mountain House 


The mountain house is on the top of a mountain in Choman district.The house consists of two floors, a kitchen , two gardens, health facilities And a swimming pool. Each floor of the house is a big space that includes a living room too.There is a flowing river right next to the house.

Hike to Halgurd Mountain

The hike to Halgurd Mountain includes a campaign at night under the starry sky of Kurdistan near Halgurd Mountain. The hike to Halgurd Mountain will start with the help of our guides. This trip includes breakfast only.

VIKurdistan team will provide first aid ,sleeping bags,tents, fire, supplies , jackets and all the other necessities that will be needed  by the guests throughout the night.

.150 $costs trip This

Bekodyan Lake

A trip To Bekodyan Lake that is located in Choman district in Erbil with the VIKurdistan team. that will provide  a guide for the trip. Camping equipment  , belimbing equipment and transportation from Choman to the lake. The trip to Bekodayn lake includes walking for approximately four hours.tnets will be set near the waterfall for the night camp.

A Snow Tour – A trip to the Waterfalls

 This trip includes a tour to Perzhe area the. The trip starts in the morning and ends in the afternoon. Tents will be provided.

The costs is $75 per person.