First Day

  • Arrive in Erbil.
  • Visiting the Erbil Citadel, the archaeological sites and museums inside it, and the Kurdish heritage in the Citadel.
  • Visit Mechko for drinks and desserts.
  • explore the bazaar and the city center

Overnight in a Hotel in Erbil

Second Day

  • Drive from Erbil to Dohuk.
  • visit Lalish
  • visit Khins
  • Alqosh
  • Once in Dohuk you will have time to explore the city.

Overnight in Luqman’s (Speaks Man of Lalish / our homestay)

Third Day

A day visiting the region surrounding Dohuk including

  • Chwarstoon Cave
  • walled town of Amedi
  • The oldest and the biggest mosque from Amedi
  • Mosul gate.
  • Visiting Shanadar Cave

Overnight in Dyana Palace Hotel

Fourth Day

  • A day visiting the mountains of Kurdistan including Rawanduz canyon ,Rawanduz Valley, Bekhal waterfall and Gali Ali Bag waterfall Part of this includes driving the famous Hamilton road.Continue on to Sulaymaniyah.

    Overnight in a Hotel in Sulaymaniyah.

Fifth Day

Visit Sulaymaniyah Bazar, walk the busy streets and visit the Amna Saraka (Red Prison)– the museum dedicated to the terrors of Saddam located in the Ba’ath parties old intelligence headquarters.

Drive to the Monument Halabja Saddam’s gas attacks. You can also visit the viewpoint of the city from Azmer hill.

Overnight in Shush Village (Nadr’s homestay )

Sixth Day

  • Walking from Zagros mountain and going for 15 km and going through different Monasteries for Christians and Jews until arriving to Akre.

    Overnight in Homer

Seventh Day

Walking 16 km from Akre to Akre Citadel and exploring the mountain through the forest.

Overnight in Blle Village (Homestay)

Eighth Day & Ninth & Tenth

  • Day 8: Driving to choman and visit Halgurd mountain

    overnight in Campain (Mountain stay.)

    Day 9:Hiking in Halgurd and have a party in homestay to celebrate completing the Trip

    Overnight in homestay

    Day 10: Go back to Erbil Airport.