The last point of the Zagros Mountain Trail

Zagros Mountain

The last point of the Zagros Mountain Trail is below Mount Halgurd at 2,350 meters, but we do organize a hike to the summit for those interested..

An adventure can be tailored tulsi that visitor can see both historical sites via an organized tour via arranged transportation and then hike the ZMT to best experience Kurdish hospitality, traditional food and traditions all with the breathtaking mountains and spectacular views surrounding the traveller as they immerse themselves in the Kurdish culture.

At VIKurdistan Outdoor Tour Company we can arrange a tailored private tour with transportation suitable to your group size (car, van or bus) so you can explore this amazing place and it’s many sites in comfort. VIKurdistan can partner with international adventure tour companies to develop a bespoke experience for our guests. Of course, hiking some or all of the ZMT would also be a key component to the tour. This includes local guides and accommodations, home stays at Kurdish family residences, along the 220 km ZMT – selecting sections of the trail to hike depending on time and specific interests of the visitor(s).

As of today the ZMT is largely completed, with a few more sections expected to be added soon. Recently VIKurdistan hosted Mike from Canada, Dave from the USA and Mohammed from Baghdad. Using local guides and home stay hosts we hiked 3!days from Shush Village ending in Zoragvan. Omar Chomani, VIKurdistan Founder, was the lead guide. We finished the trip by climbing Mount Halgurd, the tallest mountain in Iraq on the 4th day completing what all agreed was an amazing and memorable experience in the Zagros Mountains. Visit VIKurdistan website to explore further how you too can create a once in a lifetime experience in Kurdistan.