Why should an adventurous traveller consider the majestic ZMT in Kurdistan?

Zagros Mountain

 That is a very good question! The simple answer lies in the history of this special land and the uniquely wonderful culture and warm hospitality of the Kurdish People. Indeed Kurdistan, in northern Iraq, is home to the Kurdish people who have inhabited this land for thousands of years. Their way of life, their customs and their history is worthy of exploring and experiencing. Hiking the ZMT offers a keen insight and perspective into the Kurdish way of life.

The Kurdish people have an old saying: “The mountain is a Kurd’s best friend.” The Kurdish lifestyle has existed in the Zagros Mountains for hundreds, if not thousands of years before Jewish, Christian or Muslim’s ever settled in their land. By trekking through the ZMT the traveller will see first hand how historically and even in the present day how Kurdish and people of Jewish, Christian and Muslim faitth coexisted and thrived in the Zagros Mountains.